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Canditect - Rapid Diagnostic Test for Vaginal Candidiasis

Canditect, our rapid point of care diagnostic test for vaginal candidiasis (thrush), is already available in a number of countries, where it is well-received by gynaecologists, physicians and patients alike.

Clinical evaluation of Canditect demonstrates that it is more effective in the diagnosis of thrush (vaginitis) than microscopic examination and culture, currently the two most widely used diagnostic techniques.

Canditect is CE Marked and is 510(k) approved by the FDA.

More information on Canditect and vaginal yeast infections can be found through the following links.


About vaginal yeast infections that cause thrush

About Canditect

Why is Canditect better than other diagnostic techniques ?









About vaginal yeast infections that cause thrush

Most women will experience the unpleasant symptoms of thrush, caused by candida yeast infection, at least once in their lifetime, most likely before or during their 20's. For some women, self-treatment using one of a range of widely available antifungal medicines will relieve symptoms in a few days. For many others, the symptoms of candidiasis can persist and be a significant blight on quality of life.

Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of the yeast candida, most commonly candida albicans, although several other strains of candida can also be the root cause of the infection (with candida tropicalis, candida glabrata and candida parapsilosis accounting for most other cases). 

In a proportion of cases (as many as 1 in 5), self-treatment proves not to be effective, and the symptoms of thrush return to cause further discomfort. Some women experience 4 or more instances of thrush in a year, a condition known as "recurrent thrush", which needs a special form of treatment firstly to get rid of the infection and secondly to ensure that it no longer comes back.

The symptoms of thrush are non-specific and can be very similar to those of other more serious vaginal infections, including bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas and some sexually-transmitted diseases. Each of these conditions requires its own specific treatment if it is to be dealt with effectively, so it is important that the precise cause of infection is identified before commencing the most appropriate treatment. 



About Canditect

Canditect is a rapid point of care diagnostic test that can be used by healthcare professionals to help diagnose candida yeast infections during a patient visit, thus ensuring the patient receives the most appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Using proprietary patented technology, Canditect detects the presence in a vaginal sample of an enzyme unique to candida species that cause vaginal yeast infections. There is no cross-reactivity with other vaginal pathogens, ensuring highly accurate results even when clinical symptoms are equivocal.

Main advantages of Canditect

  • simple - a colorimetric test that can be carried out in any clinic
  • fast - results are available in minutes
  • reliable - clinically shown to be more accurate than either culture or microscopy
  • flexible - no need for special equipment or laboratory facilities
  • convenient - rapid and accurate results when they are most needed

How Canditect works

  • take a vaginal swab, then immerse the swab in a container pre-filled with the YeasTest reagents
  • wait 5 minutes and observe the colour change in the liquid reagents
  • read the test result by comparing the solution to Canditect's standard colour chart
  • significant candida infection will generate a strong colour change

Canditect combines the accuracy of the laboratory with the speed and convenience of a simple point-of-care rapid diagnostic test.



Why is Canditect better than other diagnostic techniques ?

Compared to culture

  • Canditect has greater diagnostic accuracy
  • results are available in minutes (no need to wait days for culture results to be returned from the laboratory)
  • Canditect is more convenient for the doctor - and for the patient

Compared to microscopy

  • Canditect has greater diagnostic accuracy
  • Canditect has greater inter-operator consistency
  • Canditect is more reliable for the doctor and the patient

Compared to clinical diagnosis

  • Canditect has proven diagnostic accuracy even when clinical signs and symptoms are equivocal
  • Canditect provides an objective result based on scientifically established principles



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